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Mr. and Mrs. Pedro M. Morales
2017 Zapata County Fair Parade Marshals

Mr. and Mrs. Pedro M. Morales
2017 Zapata County Fair Parade Marshals

Pedro M. and Edith H. Morales were named 2017 ZCF Parade Marshals by the Zapata County Fair Association Board of Directors and Members.  Pedro and Edith are both Zapata natives, graduates of Zapata High School.  Pedro has been involved with the Zapata County Fair since he was in 3rd Grade and Edith has been supporting the Zapata County Fair as a parent as their children also participated at Zapata County Fair since they were in 3rd grade, so fortunately they are no strangers to livestock shows. 

Pedro raised and showed steers since he was in 3rd grade until he graduated from high school.  He was an active member of the Zapata 4H Club.  As a 4-H member, he also participated in Leadership Labs and 4H roundups throughout the years.  Upon entering Zapata High School, Pedro became an FFA member where he served as President his senior year.

After graduating from Texas A&I University (Current Texas A&M Kingsville), Pedro and Edith decided to move back to Zapata where they started their careers.  Edith is a principal’s secretary at Zapata North Elementary School and Pedro is the Services and Operations Director at Zapata County Independent School District.  Pedro became a member of the ZCF Livestock Committee as a collegian member back in 1988.  In 1992 he was an assistant superintendent for the steer division and then became the superintendent for the steers division.  Pedro now serves as the Zapata County Fair livestock committee chairman.  Pedro and Edith have stated that they enjoy volunteering at the Zapata County Fair.  Pedro has been a members of the ZCF Livestock Committee for over 25 years. They have four wonderful children: Pedro M. (Ariana) Morales Jr. who is a Sales and Service Tech with Weatheraford, he raised goats and steers, Kristina Edith who is a Compliance Coordinator at Texas A&M International University Police Department, she raised goats, lambs and a steer, Luis who is currently working as a ranch hand in Hunt, Texas, he raised goats and steers.  Luis also got to take a heifer to the San Antonio as he got a scholarship to buy a beef project as he was one of the ones that caught a calf in the calf scramble competition.  Kayla who is a 7th grader at Zapata Middle School has raised goats and lambs.  Pedro Jr., Kristina and Luis were North 4-H members and Kayla was a Mesquite 4-h member and just like their parents, they’ve developed an affection and responsibility for livestock animals. Their oldest granddaughter Sophia Isabella is a clover kid with Mesquite 4-H and has participated in the peewee goat show for the past two years.  Pedro and Edith are very proud of their children and know that one day they are going to follow in their footsteps in allowing their children to be exhibitors at our Zapata County Fair.

Pedro and Edith are privileged to have been chosen as the 2017 Parade Marshals.  They want to thank the ZCFA for this great honor.  To all the citizens of Zapata County and surrounding counties:  Pedro and Edith, along with the ZCFA and ZCF Livestock Committee, invite each and every one of you to come and enjoy the “Best Little Fair in Texas”.



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